Our chairs name is called 1-800-chairmedic.

Was builidng a protoype useful? Explain how and why.
Yes so we can see how we can make adjustments
Have you altered your original design in any way? Did building a prototype make you rethink shape? size? design? materials? Construction? etc.
No we have not Altered our design. Yes it made us Alter materials. And we thought wood will be better for the legs.

What problem is your chair solving? The problem our chair is solving is nausea of seeing blood.

Where or when do you need a chair and there isn't one available? You need a chair and there isn't one available when you pass out.

Who will be the targeted audience for your chair ? Old people? Young people? toddlers? Fishermen? Try to identify your audience. Our audience is a lifeguard chair.

What will be the decorative theme for your chair? Base it on your problem. The decorative theme would be about medical assistance.

In as much detail as you can draw your design, take a a photo of it and upload it to this page.
Photo on 4-18-13 at 3.07 PM.jpg
Photo on 4-18-13 at 3.07 PM.jpg

Make a list of the materials you think you will need to make this seat. The materials we will need are pillows, bucket, Ice pack, bandages, 1st aid kit, wood and maybe metal.

This is our Prototype.Photo on 4-24-13 at 11.42 AM.jpg


Today one of our teammates was out, but my team was still preductive. Marc and I got the legs of our chair nailed in, and we know what size and color out seat will be.

We are defiantly making progress on our wikiseats because we finished assembling and painting.

Yes we will have it completed by Wednesday May 29

We will have to make the final touches like painting, fixing the wood etc.

We have found collaboration, communication, and not arguing challenging.

What we have enjoyed about this project is painting, assembling, and going over peoples houses.

Yes, we changed our design very much.

We think this is because the original design was not that much detailed and the dimensions were wrong.

What we have learned is that if we don't agree then we have to listen to everyone and not argue. Also we have learned communication is key. Lastly we learned that we have to get the estimates right.

This is our final product picture003.jpg

Right now Marc is taking the test for ecosystems, Chase just painted and now we are waiting for the paint to dry.

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