What have you enjoyed in science in quarter 2? Explain
I enjoyed learning about force, net force, average speed, and instantaneous speed in the Time To Roll assignment. This was my favorite because I liked doing the hands-on experiment with the tennis balls.
What are you most proud of in science in quarter 2?Why?
I am most proud of helping to make a movie about Newton's First Law. I enjoyed it because I there was a lot of freedom in how we were allowed to do the video and there were not many restrictions and we were able to be creative.
What are some key character traits you think you need to be a successful science student? Why?
Some key character traits that I think you need to be a successful science student are patience and cooperation. I think in science, you need to patient because waiting for that effects of the experiment can take a long time. You also need cooperation because you need to work as a team to be successful.

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