Unit 5 Games

Friday October 19th:
2.8 math journal and study link and if you finished that 2.9 I think math journal and study link.
Ixl 15 mins or more

Friday October 5th
Please go to the math page of your digital backpack, write a title:Unit 1 Test Reflection, and answer these questions as thoroghly as you can in full, proper sentences.:
How do you feel about your Unit 1 test results?
List at least 3 that can we prepare for an end of Unit test every day.
List at least three ways that you can study for a test in the days just before it.
List at list 2 test taking strategies that can be helpful to your success on a test.
What are you going to do during Unit 2 to ensure that you are more successful on your Unit 2 test?

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5th Grade Unit 1 Review

Unit 3 Vocabulary

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