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Ryan, Leo and Chris

1.We needed a chair after sports practice. We all know this feeling because all of us our atheletes.
2. Our targeted audience would be mainly athletes. But also if you just worked out or execised then this chair is
technically for you too.
3.It will be a lot of sports balls and field and materials. For example the legs are going to be wooden baseball bats.
4. Lacrosse Sticks, Drill, Screws, Tennis balls, Paint, wood, masking tape, sanding machine, a saw, wood file, Ryan H., Leo W., and Chris J. (What we think, we might make changes.)

Sports Chair The Academic Athletes rbh2 law2 cwj1.JPG

This chair is a sports theme. We will try to allow you to adjust the legs for portability. We will try to use lacrosse sticks for legs and tennis balls for protection of the floor. We will paint the sports balls on the top of the seat.

Day 2:
Sprots seat.JPG
Have you altered your original design in any way? Did building a prototype make you rethink shape? size? design? materials? Construction? etc.
We have altered our design in quite a lot of ways after building this prototype. We have figured out that our seat was too small for adults, so we changed it to make it bigger. Also, we made the seat a square, because we are doing a sports theme, a square is the shape of a field. We are going to paint a soccer field on the seat. We also thought that we needed to make the back of the chair higher, so we adjusted the length of the thing that was holding it up.

Was building a prototype useful? Explain how and why.
For our team, building a prototype was very useful. We figured out that the seat was too small for adults, so we had to change that. It also helped us visualize how our chair was going to look. Even though the back of our chair kept falling down, we knew that with the nails in the final product that it would be ok.

Leo:Stainer and wood
Ryan: Power Screwer

Well today we had stained the legs. Leo brought in some stainer and Chris used the brown paint (and the only big brush) to paint the catalist. Ryan and Leo took little brushes until chris finished (they had already finished one leg before that time). We could of used the big brush for the legs and finished that much quicker. We made a lot of progress but we could of done more if we had more big brushes (thanks Ryan).

Yes today is a Tuesday. We decided to do work today anyway. Yesterday was my birthday but that's not on topic. First
Will you be ready with a final product next Wednesday. Yes. We guarantee that our chair will be done by May 29th.
What do you need to do to make sure you finish next Wednesday? We need to saw legs and screw chair to legs. Then add finishing touches.
What has been challenging about this project? This has been challenging in many ways. The most challenging way is to get the chair level. Also we had trouble designing the chair. We had to be total engeneers.
How did you overcome your challenges? We overcame our chalenges by our 3 keys. Perserverence, Patience, and Problem Solving.
How was your final design different from the original design. Our newest design is much different than our different design by our legs were going to be actual baseball bats. Ryan's family didn't want to use them on that. Also we had a bunch of Sports balls on top but now we have an awesome american football field. Lastly We had tennis balls on the bottom. We might still do that if we have time.
What have enjoyed about this project? We have enjoyed the challenges. Also we enjoy how creative we get to be with this. We don't have to look at a piece of paper that tells us what to do. We do what we know we need to do.
What are you proud of from this project? We are proud that we designed this. We basicly built this from scratch. We are proud because we had to put in so much effort at home foraging and screwing and working our brains off.
What did you learn from completing this project? We learned about our new three p's which are above. We also learned about being an engineer and how frustrating it can be. Man they got a hard (but fun like a video game) job.
Here is our final product
Wikiseat rbh2.jpg

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