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Jodi, Lily, and Dorian

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PHONE NUMBER: (248) 918-0909


We are a group of sixth grade girls from Birmingham Covington School. Our names are Dorian, Jodi, and Lily. We are learning about sustainable businesses and how businesses can become more sustainable than they already are. We would like to speak to the General manager or Owner of Airtime Trampoline Park. We would like to ask them if it would be possible for us to come visit, and review your level of sustainability. If it is possible, we would like to schedule a date, and time. We were also wondering how many students you would be accepting to come visit. We would like your email to send you a link to our website. For more information, please contact our teacher at

Thank you for your time


Dorian, Jodi, and Lily
1525 Covington Road
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301

Airtime trampoline park
662 E. Big beaver Road
Troy, Michigan 48083

January 11, 2013

Airtime trampoline park,

Hello. We are a group of 6th grade students from Birmingham Covington School. We are doing a project in which we find out how sustainable businesses are, and we are very interested on how sustainable Airtime trampoline park is. We were wondering if we could come in and interview the manager.

There are three students in our group, one student will video tape, one student will interview the manager, and the other student will take pictures. We will also ask some questions. Some of our questions include, does your business help the environment, and how? How do you hire your employees and what do they have to know? How long has your business been here? Those are some of the questions we would like to ask you, and more.

This project will also give you some free advertising because the information will be posted on our local website. If you are interested, please reply as soon as possible to one of these emails.




Thank you for your time.


Dorian, Jodi, and Lily

Name of the person you are contacting: Not sure yet

Why do you want to go there?

We want to go there because we are very interested in how Airtime trampoline park is sustainable.

What products or services do they provide?

They provide 12,000 square feet of trampolines, new school and old school dodgeball, music, mosh pits, basketball courts, birthday parties, and Airtime trampoline park souvenirs.

What sustainable practices can you find before you go on your trip?


What questions will you have when you get there?

  • How is Airtime trampoline park already sustainable?
  • Does Airtime trampoline park recycle? If so, what materials?
  • What goes into manufacturing your souvenirs?
  • Do you care about being sustainable?
  • How do you manage your company?
  • What are your trampolines made of? Are the materials sustainable/ recycled?

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