Carlie, Mae, Zoha, Lexy

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We chose AirTime because it is a fun, bouncy place that is extremely fun and active. It includes lots of activities,
like dodgeball, a mosh pit, and tons of trampolines: not only on the floors, but on the walls as well!

AirTime does not produce products, but it does give a great fun place for kids! It provides birthday parties, reservations for jump times, and walk-in jumps.

We know for sure that AirTime recycles, and that it keeps its guests very well entertained, and its grounds very clean.

We will have lots of questions to ask when we get there, such as, "Does AirTime use energystar appliances?" and, "Do you make sure the paper, plastic, glass, and bottles you throw out always get recycled?"

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owner: Janice Daniels

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