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  • What have you found challenging about math this year?
This year, I haven't found many things challenging, but I have found some concepts difficult. a couple of those concepts include Dimensional Analysis, and Use a Simulation. The reason I found Dimensional Analysis difficult was because I did not understand all the steps to finish the problem and I would always get the problem wrong. The reason I found Use a Simulation difficult was because there were so many numbers we had to rewrite, that you could miss one number and mess up the whole problem.

  • What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I have done quite a few things to overcome my challenges with the concepts. Some of those things include looking through the examples in my book, going to the online version of the textbook, asking my dad for help, emailing Mrs. Brown, and coming in to school early to get help working through some problems. These things have helped me understand concepts more than I did before I got help.

  • What are you most proud of in math this year? Explain why
This year, I am the most proud of the fact that I got into 7/8 math. I am most proud of this because all of my friends in my homeroom are not in 7/8 math, so I am proud that I am actually in 7/8 math. Another reason I am proud that I am in 7/8 math is because I turned 11 this year, when most 6th graders turn 12 in 6th grade, so I am 2-3 years advanced (technically).

  • What is your personal goal in math for the rest of the school year? Why?
My personal goal in math for the rest of the school year is to only get up to 2 things wrong on my homework per day. This is my goal because if I only get up to 2 problems wrong, that will show me that I am improving in the lessons. This is important for me because I have A's in all my subjects and I would like to keep it that way, not drop a grade because of my homework. I am not doing that bad on my homework right now but I would like to do better.

  • What math activity would you like your parents to try and why?
I would like my parents to try a use a simulation problem. This is because my parents have probably never heard of it and I think they would be stumped. I would pick a problem out of the lesson and I would have them write down all the numbers and try and find the right answer. I would also have my parents try a Use a Simulation problem because that lesson is one of the problem solving skill lessons.

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2/1/2013 - The week of 2/3/2013 - 2/9/2013

My math goal is to improve in dividing fractions.

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