Your challenge is to design and make a functional seat that solves a problem.
Please create a uniquely named page for your wikiseat team. On the page answer the following questions.

1. What problem is your chair solving? Where or when do you need a chair and there isn't one available?
2. Who will be the targeted audience for your chair ? Old people? Young people? toddlers? Fishermen? Try to identify your audience.
3. What will be the decorative theme for your chair? Base it on your problem
3.In as much detail as you can draw your design, take a a photo of it and upload it to this page
4.Make a list of the materials you think you will need to make this seat.

The Swimming chairs

Epic Exercise Peeps
The Fire Crackers
The Lay-Z-Boys

The Chair Makers

The Girly Gan

Super Seats


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