Where in the World are Mr. and Mrs. Joberts?

12:22am Prague time
Friday 11.30
6:22pm Detroit time
Thursday 11.29

We presented the Doing Business in Birmingham project today twice. The first time was to a judge from Australia. The second time was to a judge from the Czech Republic. We have one more presentation tomorrow.

The top half of our display board at the Global Forum

Sun Planter with other superhero teachers from Puerto Rico

2:37am Prague time
Wednesday 11.28
8:37pm Detroit time
Tuesday 11.27

Greetings from Prague! We are so excited to be here at the Global Forum. Our flights were smooth and we arrived at our hotel yesterday around 2pm. We got ourselves situated in our hotel rooms and then went out to dinner at a traditional Czech restaurant close to the historic city center of Prague. There are so many beautiful old apartment buildings, stores and churches. Prague has a fairy tale-esque character about it. We can't wait to see more of the city tomorrow morning before the official opening of the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum (PILGF) tomorrow afternoon.

We can't wait to meet other teachers from all over the planet!

Mrs. Chinn, Mr. Joe and Mrs. Roberts just before boarding our Luftshansa flight to Frankfurt, Germany

Day 1
Congratulations to Cory, Daniel, Reagan and Jodi for finding us on the Saint Charles Bridge today!
The bridge was commissioned to be built by Czech King and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and work began on it in the year 1357! There are two towers , one at each end of the bridge , and it took us a long time to cross the bridge as they are fabulous statues every few feet. We saw lots of people touching a plaque on one of the statues,so we touched it too.It turns out that touching the plaque brings you good luck and ensure your return to Prague! It has been touched so many times over the centuries that it has become shiny.There were artists and musicians all along the bridge and we were able to get a wonderful view of the city from the center. Where will we be tomorrow? Watch out for our tweets throughout the day .Wish you were here!

Day 2
st vita.png

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