Chilupula, Zambia
What Is Project COPE?
Photos images and maps
History of Zambia
Every day life
Cause and effect of tractor
Toppers for tractors
Cans 4 Change
Agricultural Services in Chilupula
Where is it?
What are we trying to achieve and why?story of project Cope H2) heroes - why should we care?
How will it impact me?
How is money going to get there?
What is currency in Zambia?
What is exchange rate?
How much do we need
Create empathy
How much are we raising? Why? What will it be spent on?
Will we be able to see it when they get it ?
Will we be able to go there and visit? Who can go? How much would it be? Are there any grants available to fund student trips to Zambia?
How can you help?
Why this village?
Real people/students speaking on video

What is daily life like in Chilipula?
Pictures/images of rocket stove and eco dome
Pictures/maps of village

Econmoic advantages of the tractor-cause effect-why will it make a difference?
I will if you will campaign
History of Zambia

Pictures and The Daily Life in Chilpula

Cans 4 Change

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