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What is game based learning? Lucas and Jake


What is brain based learning? Noam and Andrew
Brain based learning is approaches to schooling that educators believe are in accord with recent research on the brain and human learning.
What is childhood obesity and what are the causes? Lauren C and Hala

What is childhood diabetes and what are the causes? Michael and Hannah

What is Kinect? What does it do? Owen and Ashley

What would be the advantages of having a Kinect in the classroom? Lauren Mcintosh and Zoe

What do you think are the top 3 educational Kinect Games that we simply must have?Why? Lauren and Brendan

Survey the school-how many people don’t enjoy math? Lara and Lira

Find an expert on Brain based learning that we can skype with.Find a Game based learning expert that we can Skype with Molly and Tanner

Celebrities in Sports
Childhood Obesity
Kinect and math
Sports equipment for aerobic excercise
Research about excercise and academic achievement
Morning Excercise Club at BCS?

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