What have you found challenging about math this year?
One thing I have found challenging about math this year is rushing through my work and not double-checking it. When I am working on homework, for example, I just try to get it finished as fast as I can sometimes, instead of really going over the work and focusing on the questions. I think sometimes it is hard to sit down and focus on my homework because there are so many things going on around me and it just gets to the point when I want to finish it as fast as I can and then go do whatever those other people are doing. When I am taking tests, I tend to not fully double-check my work because I just want to get the test over with and focus on other things. I think rushing and not double-checking my work has been a challenge for me.
What have you done to overcome these challenges?
I have thought of a lot of ways to stop rushing through my work and not double-checking, and I have figured out a solution that may help both of those problems. For rushing through my homework, I have started to listen to music, so I am not aware of my surroundings and I can work freely. This has really helped me. For not double-checking, I have thought of a solution that I have not been able to try out before, but I think it will work. My solution is before or right when my math test starts, I will right "*DOUBLE CHECK*" at the top of the front and back of the test, big enough so I will be able to notice when I finish my test and possibly get a better grade. I think these two ways are definitely helping me overcome my challenge.
What are you most proud of in math this year? Explain why
I am most proud of actually getting into 7/8 math because most of friends are in regular math classes. I've tried very hard to keep my grades up, and I think I have been doing pretty good. I am also very proud of myself for learning new concepts regarding algebra, because I know it will help me when I am older. For example, I know Permutations and Combinations will help me of I ever need to find how many orders I can put certain objects in. I am very proud of how I have grown this year.
What is your personal goal in math for the rest of the school year? Why?
My personal goal for the rest of the year is to use IXL to help me in my trouble-spots, and not just use it because I have to. For example, I know I need to work on dividing with whole numbers and decimals, so instead of doing easy things on IXL like adding and multiplying with two-digit numbers, I can do things that I need work on and that I need to get better at. If I do this, I think I can help my garde A LOT! I think my personal goal is a steady one that I can work on the rest of the year.
What math activity would you like your parents to try and why?
I would like my parents to try a mixed quiz that I have drawn to see how well they are at 6th grade skills. I will post a picture of the final result.

Math Goal - 2/8/13
-Focus on dividing decimals

Math Goal - 2/1/13
-Get better at dividing whole numbers and decimals

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