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What have you learned about studying for a test?

What I have learned about studying for a test is to always do it in little peices and test myself. Its hard and tiring to do it all in one night (trust me I know) you will end up with your head on your paper at 11:00.

What have you learned about yourself as a student?

What I have a learned about myself as a student is that if I put effort into something I can really get it done before I know it.

What will you do to improve in quarter 2?

What I will do to improve in quarter 2 is use my new folder that my mom got me. She tabbed the folder so all of the subject will be in there.

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What have you enjoyed most about the River Rouge Project?

What i have enjoyed about the rouge river field trip is whenever I am there I feel like a real scientist. It is fun to learn more about the rivers and it animals. The greatest part is when you find a rare bug or find something new and everyone is interested.

By doing [[#|water testing]] how are you helping the community?

By doing these water tests` i am helping the community have a [[#|clean water]] supply. All of the water in the rouge river goes to a watershed which of course ends up in your water glass. So me and my classmates are removing this garbage from you water glasses and that just feels good.

What have you enjoyed about the Doing [[#|Business]] in Birmingham Project? Explain.
What I have enjoyed about the doing [[#|business]] in Birmingham project is the freedom that is involved with it. I allows you to [[#|step]] out of the school and go on your own field trip. I have just never seen a project like it.
What are the top three things you have learned about sustainability from this project? Explain.
The top three things that I have learned from this project is to have patience, perserverance and just an unbreakable spirit. you need to push through even if something bad is happening you cant stop you cannot give up.

How have you helped the community by doing this project? Explain.
I have helped the community by raising awarness of the materials tsome businesses are wasting. If they had not been told they could have kept this going.

The things that I have learned today: September 27th Today we conducted some experiments on [[#|water testing]] how much we really do have. Did you know that in a cup scale that rivers are only 1/20th of a drop! Our oceans contain 97.25% of our water! Thats alot and all that water is not drinkable. That only opens the other 3% for us to drink. There are ways to cleanse the salt water but they are expensive. That is a growing [[#|crysis]]. That is what i have learned.

October 2nd
Today we checked in our mission two assignments. We talked a little more about what it is to be a team member. What I learned about being a team member is that you have to take in your responcibilities and work on them with perserverence and a positive attitude. If your work is sloppy or you didn`t complete it that is just letting your team down. I learned to [[#|step]] out of my comfort zone and use something I rarely use, for example Prezi I would probably in most cases do a powerpoint. That is only one example of the things you can do to be a better teammate and be a trusted colleage.

What have you learned about studying and preparing for a test?

What I have learned
about studying is to do a little at a time. I am a huge procrastinater so I know this. I always save my work until the last minute so I end up studyingn untill 2:00 am

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