Vocab guides
Unit 1 test reflection
Quarter 2 Reflection
Answer the following questions with a minimum of 3 sentences
In what ways do you think you have grown as a math student so far this year?
What do you enjoy about math?
What strategies do you use to overcome your challenges in math?
What are your goals in math for the rest of the year?
Qu 1 reflection
Qu 2 Reflection
Forces and Motion
Animal Systems
Strength s and weaknesses as an independent reader
Strength s and weaknesses in online reading club
Strength s and weaknesses in R and E’s
Strength s and weaknesses as a narrative writer
Strength s and weaknesses as an expository writer

What has been my favorite topic in SS this year and why?
What are some important themes I’ve learned in SS that affect my life?
Gravity Cruiser Pictures
What 3 things did you learn about the job of an engineer form doing Gravity Cruisers?
What did you learn about yourself and how you work with a team from gravity cruisers?


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