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5th Grade School Address:
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Primary School, Mt. Pritchard
230 Humphries Road,
Bonnyrigg NSW 2177

We are so excited to have been selected to connect with an Australian school through the United Classrooms Project. In this exciting project,selected classes from around the USA and Australia will collaborate to completea series of short, focused initial tasks designed to forge a strong bond between participating classes, before planning local tasks in support of our school’sbroader curriculum.

These initial starter units have been designed to allow us to develop a meaningful and substantive online virtual relationship with our Australian partner class. These have been designed to allow students to explore what it is like to live in a different part of the world whilst developing key literacies essential to learning in a connected society; including searching for global viewpoints and developing the skills of empathy and critical thinking.

The United Classroom Project is accessed through a safe and secure online learning environment (LIFE) where selected teachers and students can connect and collaborate in an authenticated environment without the risks traditionally associated with the World Wide Web. The online environment has an auditing feature built in to monitor each user’s contributions to ensure proper use and student accountability.

We look forward in sharing the outcomes of this project with you in the near future and encourage each of you to use their child’s individual login details to explore the project environment and support your child in making high quality contributions.

Project Details

The URL for the project environment is:

login will foloow this pattern:

Initial password:passowrd1 (case sensitive)

We will be talking to the classes about the importance of online safety and personal security and we would appreciate your support in taking time to talk to your child about the importance of keeping these details secret.

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