To place a bid on the items you should be able to post a reply to the discussion threads without being logged in to the wiki-the students all have a login name and password if you have trouble . Please find the item you want to bid on and check the number.Go to the comment section at the top of the page where you will find a comment thread for each chair. Reply to the comment to add your bid.All starting bids are $10

Roberts 1- The Thought Spot by Reagan, Lexy and Zoha

Roberts 2 -The Starlight Chair by Iyana, Claire and Azaria

Roberts 3- Pretty in Pink by Bridgett, Helen and Audrey

Roberts 4-Soccer Seat by Landry, Joe and Jake

Roberts 5 - 1-800 Chair Medics by Chase, Marc and Brenden

Roberts 6-Pillow Paradise by Mae, Kylee and Nic

Roberts 7-The Yoga Chair by Max, Emily and Daniel

Roberts 8 -The Pi Chair, Kevin, Riley and Simon

Roberts 9- New Age by Cory Dane and Palladio

Joseph 1- A Scoop of Yoga by Dorian, Jodi and Lilly

Joseph 2- The Fire Cracker by Chloe, Jaqueline and Elyse

Joseph 3- The Sports Seat by Roman, Ben and Sophie

Joseph 4-The Glitter Girls Chair by Fiona, Lilly and Gergana

Joseph 5- Super Seat by Fawaz, Khalil and Clayton

Joseph 6-The LAX by Grace, Will and Ian

Joseph 7- The Academic Athlete by Leo, Ryan and Chris

Joseph 8-The Chair by Carlie, Trevor and Jacob

Joseph 9- The Lazy Boy by Dominic. Logan and Kyle

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