Roberts teams
Joseph teams

Your wiki seat and wiki page are due next Wednesday May 29th
The team wiki page needs to have:
the title or name of the chair and the team members names.
There must be a drawing/image of the original design, and a description of the purpose of their seat.(what problem where you solving?)
It must also include a photograph of your final product and at least two reflections that you should have posted throughout the project :
It Must include this reflection as your third response:

Will you be ready with a final product next Wednesday. What do you need to do to make sure you finish next Wednesday? What has been challenging about this project? How did you overcome your challenges?How was your final design different from the original design. What have enjoyed about this project? What are you proud of from this project? What did you learn from completing this project?

Create a mobitag or Qr Code that can be added to your display that will take people to your team wikiseat page.

l be launching our new Engage project this week: Wikiseats. Every student will be provided with a Catalyst (the structural support for a chair), with the goal of building a functional seat. We will be able to provide basic materials for these seats but the students will be tasked with finding materials that make their seats unique and creative. Materials should as far as possible be easily available, recycled and appropriate.
The intention is for the students to collaborate with their teams to solve this challenging problem of designing and building a seat. Problems are great. They put us in uncomfortable places in our heads and hearts. They frustrate us and gnaw away at us. If we want our students to be ingenius, to be engaged, to be creative, we need to embrace the idea that the tension created by a problem fosters the kinds of growth we really need our kids to experience in our classrooms.
We would welcome parent volunteers to assist us in the classroom and help the children work through any problems they encounter building their seats. If you have a basic tool kit , a power drill and time to spare then we would love to have you join us on Monday afternoons from 1:00-3:00 pm. Please contact your child’s teacher to let them know when you can participate.
We would like to conclude this project with a final gallery tour of the seats and an auction to give students and parents the opportunity to buy them. Funds raised will be used to replace the materials. We will be sending more details about this later in the project but we are looking forward to celebrating the students’ success with a fun filled event in May.

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